Ciccio in Yountville

I am often asked by customers and friends who visit the Napa Valley which restaurants I recommend.  There is no shortage of fine dining options here in the Valley and, in particular Yountville, where I live.  My number one recommendation is always a small local Italian Restaurant called Ciccio.

What can I say about Ciccio that has not already been said.  They have received critical acclaim from the Travel Channel, SF Chronicle, and just about every other publication that reviews restaurants.  The food there is simple and amazing.  Most of the reviews I have seen focus on the food, as they should.  However, it is the people that keep us going back and giving recommendations.  We are lucky enough to be within walking distance so we dine there often.

The staff at Ciccio are simply fantastic.  Their attention to detail when it comes to hospitality is way above what you expect from a neighborhood pizza and pasta joint.  The crew treats every table as if they are family visiting for Sunday dinner.  Quite honestly, that is the best way to describe the overall vibe here…family dinner.  On most nights you can find the owner there at his table, with his family having dinner.

From the hostess to the servers, everyone makes a point to visit our table and make sure everything is perfect.  They are genuine and accommodating.  For that we make Ciccio a weekly stop and encourage all of our visitors to give it a try.

I could list our favorite dishes and recommend things to try, but why?  Everything on the menu is great.  Pick something that sounds good to you and you will not be disappointed.  Just make sure you order a pre-dinner negroni and a bottle of wine!

Thanks to our friends at Ciccio for providing us such a wonderful neighborhood restaurant.

Pizza at Ciccio
Pizza at Ciccio