Bud Break In The Vineyards

Budbreak is the magical time of the year that marks the beginning of our growing season and beginning of the new vintage. Typically budbreak happens between mid-March and mid-April depending on how cold our winter has been and how much rain we have received. This year we experienced a cold early winter and then heavy rains from late winter into spring much like 2016. We’ve had warm spells in between the rain storms that have helped wake up the vines in the last weeks of March.


Cabernet Franc Budbreak in Historic Flinn Vineyard



Although this joyous occasion marks the start of a new season we at Croze like to take a moment to reflect on the past growing seasons. Each growing season is different from the next and each season is a chance to sharpen our tools and take past lessons and apply them to this season. Each bottle of wine has a story to tell and that story always begins in the vineyard with budbreak.

What is budbreak? If you follow any wineries on social media you have no doubt seen pictures of opened buds in the vineyards. Budbreak is the first part of the growth cycle of the vine. As temperatures rise, generally above fifty degrees, and the days grow longer the tiny buds gather energy, swell and literally burst. The buds leaves open and begin to grow into shoots. These shoots can grow as fast as one inch per day.

Now that the first vines have begun to wake from their slumber reach, into your wine racks, grab a bottle and let’s toast to the 2019 vintage!


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