Lobster with Saffron Cream

At the winery we are always looking for new dishes to pair with our wines.  Actually, one of the very best aspects of our profession is sharing great recipes and wine.  It is hard to find a fine wine lover who is not also a self proclaimed “foodie.”  Recently we paired our 2013 Croze Chardonnay with a poached lobster and saffron cream.  It was an amazing pairing.  The richness of both the lobster and cream highlighted the full bodied chardonnay.  Yet the crisp acid on the finish of the wine cut the richness of the food and left your palate craving more.  So here is our recipe for Lobster with Saffron Cream:

We poached a 2.5 lb lobster in salted water and then chilled it in an ice bath.  Save a half cup of the lobster liquid.

To make the cream: chop a shallot and a garlic clove.  Place them in a sauce pan with a tbs of olive oil and saute over medium heat.  Add a pinch of salt and white pepper if you have it.  Toss in a few sprigs of thyme and let it wilt.  Then add a good pinch of saffron and let it heat gently.  Add 2 tbl of white wine and a 1/2 cup of the lobster stock. Reduce this over medium heat until there is just a couple tablespoons of liquid left.  Strain the mixture and return to the sauce pan.  Add 1/2 cup of heavy cream and let it slowly  heat and reduce until sauce consistency.  Meanwhile gently warm the lobster meat in saute pan with melted butter.

We served this with Carolina Gold Rice (follow link to purchase the best rice in the world).  After the rice was steamed, I added a little cream and the chopped lobster tail. Save the lobster claws to place on top.  Garnish with the herbs of your choice or edible flowers.  We generally use parsley and broccoli flowers.

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Lobster and Saffron Cream

Diamond Mountain AVA

The American Viticultural Area known as Diamond Mountain is located in the northern reaches of Napa Valley just West of Calistoga in the Mayacamas mountain range. Diamond Mountain is most famous for producing Cabernet Sauvignon that is notably age-worthy. The area is considered a warm climate and is characterized by unfertile, steep slopes. Growing world class grapes in this area takes considerable skills. The soils are highly porous which allows for ample drainage. The elevations put many of the vineyards above the fog line resulting in more direct sun exposure than other Napa AVA’s.

The grapes grown here are tiny and thick skinned. This leads to wines of considerable structure and color. The true challenge in making wine from Diamond Mountain grapes is tannin management.  The wines benefit from considerable aging in the cellar.

We produced a single vintage of Diamond Mountain Cabernet in 2012 from s special parcel at the very top of the mountain.  We aged this wine nearly 3 years in French Oak barrels to allow for the proper tannin integration and polymerization.  The resulting wine is rich, dense and silky smooth!

Napa Valley AVA Map
Napa Valley AVA Map