Notes from the road…Louisiana

Crawfish Season
Crawfish Season

One of the greatest aspects of selling wine is getting to meet so many awesome people.  I recently traveled to Louisiana to work with our distributor (Select Wines Inc.) and visit restaurants and wine shops who support our brands.   I am a little ashamed to admit that in all the trips I have made to Louisiana over the years, I have never ventured outside of New Orleans.  NOLA is one of my favorite cities in the world.  However, there is so much more to Louisiana than just New Orleans.

On this trip I visited Baton Rouge and Lafayette in addition to NOLA.  As a wine and food guy, I have always had a deep interest in areas where the local cultures are so connected with the history of their cuisine.  In the food business we call this gastronomic identity.  It refers to a long history of recipe’s passed down over generations that have become part of the culture of the people.  The idea is based on what ingredients were available in a specific area or region.

Louisiana is one of the few places in America where this idea so well preserved.  In large part, America is too young of a country to have established the time honored traditions like most of the “old world” countries.

I was absolutely amazed at the friendliness of the people and their desire to share their culture, in addition to the depths of flavors in the cuisine (which I knew I loved).  While I had the great privilege to share our families passion for wine, in return I was exposed to the local residents passion for their culture.

We have a great relationship with our distributor in LA, and I look forward to spending more time in such a fantastic food and wine area.  Thank you to all the retailers and restauranteurs that support Croze and Smith Wooton in the great state of Louisiana!



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