Family on a plate

One of the things I love about the wine industry is the people.  We have the opportunity meet and work with so many wonderful people who are so passionate about what they do.  From grape growers, farmers, distributors, retailers, and wine lovers, the industry pulls together like-minded people.  I was reminded of this the other evening when my wife and I sat down to dinner.

Nothing super special for a weeknight dinner, but as I looked at my plate I was reminded of all the wonderful people in our lives.

We had eggplant from the garden at Flinn vineyards (where we buy Cabernet Franc grapes).  Heirloom tomatoes from Simone Vineyard (where we buy Chardonnay grapes), onions and zucchini from Tenbrink Vineyards (grapes for port), infused balsamic from Fezziwigs in Illionois (retailer who carries our wines), herbs from our own gardens, and local olive oil from friends of ours in St. Helena.  We had a bottle of Croze wine and after dinner i enjoyed a cigar from our good friends at the Pipe and Pint in Greensboro, NC.  Most of our dinner ingredients were made or grown by wine industry associates!  Cheers and thanks for being part of a great evening.

Chicken II

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